This is a private page, it only serves as a gateway for VIP Customers.

This platform is only created to serve a single customer and then is canceled.


Esta es una página privada , tan solo sirve de pasarela para Clientes VIP.

Esta plataforma se crea únicamente para dar servicio a un solo cliente y después es anulada.


Ongoing Contract

“Work for Stay”

  • Set up initial website w/content & functionality

“Contract going forward”

  • Website SEO, maintenance,  and modest content or functionality updates
  • A monthly fee is IMPORTANT to keep your “mindshare”  — You suggested $100.  Which is ok 30 days after completion of website
  • Complimentary stays at Sol Beach Resort for you and your wife.  50% discount a few close friends & extended family.

30,000 Feet Overview

o   GoDaddy  Account # 2853890

o   Admin granted to Pablo

Website Vision

  • A clean modern design (iPad feel) – Like you already started!  J
  • Mobile friendly & “actionable” (for mobile tourist)
  • Video content
  • We do NOT have to copy everything that Moonlight, The One or Secret Paradise has/does, but ours should look “as high class”.

Standard Function & Content

  • Booking Engine & payment gateway (Cloudbeds)

o   Confirm emails

o   Auto reminders to ask guest for intended ferry company and time

o   Note – We have A LOT of bookings who cancel like 1 or 2 days later.  My thought is to offer a “hold” for 24 hours that is automatically canceled if the guest doesn’t come back and “confirm” with CC info.  (If possible.)

  • TripAdvisor review banners
  • Social Media links  (We have FB and Instagram)
  • Content – I will upload our semi-professional photos and videos from KBS (Korean broadcaster) – Into a Mega folder and share it.

Other Functions

  • Chat window – Connects to mobile App
  • Car Service – Book & confirm w/ payment info
  • Ferry ticket – Request & confirm w/ payment info
  • Special requests form – To inform us of Honeymoon, etc…
  • Travel Agent (TA) bookings  — Is a HUGE TIME BURDEN we want to automate

o   We want to drive ALL TA bookings to our website

o   Cloudbeds has ability to issue “codes” to travel agents to track their bookings & pay their commissions

  • We need a “hidden page” that we can send to TAs to sign up for their code (or we sign up for them when they sign a “Contract Rate” agreement)

o   The Booking Engine has a box where TA’s input their code when making a reservation.

  • Certain codes will not require payment information (because we bill TAs)


Other Content

  • Non-standard content pages:

o   Page about our “environmental & Safety” focus:   Electrical system, water well, generators, septic tanks.  (Big deal for tour cos)

o   Page playing up our Khmer style, PP architect etc…  (Cambodia’s next King stayed with us in Nov and LOVED this)

o   Special Services:

  • Car service info (Mr. Lim)  (& booking above)
  • Private boat — Info only (no booking)
  • Private functions – Welcome but limited to <½ of resort rooms.
  • Links to 3rd party updated info  (sites such as and others)

o   Ferry schedules

o   Airport options  (with explanation of flight options into/out of KOS)

o   Blog sites about us  (We have let ~6 bloggers stay at the resort and there is content out there.  Would be nice to have links.)

Secure payment

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